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  Mobile grinding- and mixing machines
  Mobile grinding and feed-mixing machines have been built under the name „GMELIN“ for the last 40 years. The first grinding and mixing mobile travelled from farm to farm in 1964. The machine was exactly what the farmers and contractors imagined for the production of their own mixed fodder:

- high output – so that many farmers can profit of one machine
- a maximum of mobility – for filling silos with fodder who are far away from the grains
- a perfectly quality of the mixed fodder: mixed of well-known components!

Nothing has changed of this preserved principe in the last forty years, but all parts of this feed-mobile were ameliorated, improved and adapted. An important innovation was the grain-crusher in 1980.

The actual model, the GMELIN FD 3006 is distinguished of multiplicity, economy and reliablity. In normal conditions of work, you can do up to 12 tons milled and mixed fodder. In running through (without mixing) you can grind 22 t/hour or crush 18 t/hour. And the best: the FD 3006 can crush and grind simultaneously, the weight is given of a pass-through-balance.

The liquid-cooled engine with a performance of “only” 176 kW (240 h.p.) causes that the FD 3006 consumes less than 3 liters fuel per ton mixed fodder. This advantage is perceived every day by the user, mainly in times of expensive fuel.

A dosing-computer is installed for the mixing-process in form of a mobile-controller. With this gear, the mixing-prescription can be done, observed and supervised.

The team of S.M.H. Gmelin & Co. GmbH in Reutlingen/Germany likes to present the FD 3006, to answer your questions and to elaborate an individual offer.

We can offer and sell used mixing-mobiles of the models FD 2290, 2295 and FD 2295E.

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